Thursday, May 5, 2011

Immunization Vaccines

One of the most expensive essentials in having a baby is Vaccination. Immunization of your kids is highly recommended, because quite a number of viruses are coming out that exposes your little ones to many health risks. We make it a point to regularly bring our kids to their pedia in order to keep track of their vaccination schedules and for their checkups. Some parents overlook these immunizations and if they do, they are putting their kids to many health risks as diseases and viruses continues to evolve and lurk around. There is a better chance of staving off infections and viruses for children who are immunized than those who are not. 

Since i want everything to be organized, i scanned and summarized my 1st child's immunization vaccines including its administration date, price and age in months. (Thanks to my kids pedia for sticking all the vaccination labels on their baby book as proof and keepsake)
My 3 year old son vaccinations
(he still has scheduled immunization for Meningococcemia and Boosters)
just click the image to enlarge
will also help as a guide for your child's immunization
I have my 2nd child now and she's only 7 mos. old, but she already has 8 vaccinations...
Infanrix Hexa 6 (Php 3800)
Rotarix (Php 3500)
Infnatix Hexa 6 2nd Dose (Php 3800)
Synflorix (Php 3800)
Rotarix 2nd Dose (Php 3500)
Pentaxim (Php 3000)
Synflorix 2nd Dose (Php 3800)
Synflorix 3rd Dose (Php 3800)
Prices may vary per Pedia or Clinic and other vaccines are free and available via Health Centers. The advantage with having vaccination done in a private pedia or clinic is that the scheduled administration of the vaccines are well monitored. Most likely, the vaccines will be given at the right time, the right order and with the right amount. 

You must prepare 60 to 80K to complete the entire vaccination schedule of your child.
Expensive right? 
But as the saying goes "An ounce of Prevention is better that a Pound of cure", it will be worth it in the end.
Thanks to Hubby for working hard in order for our kids to have all these preventive vaccines.

Here's are some Immunization Vaccines helpful sites:
Vaccine Depot: Offers wide variety of discounted Vaccines

If you live in Las Pinas and looking for a good Pedia, Here's my kids pedia clinic schedule:
he's one the best in Las Pinas


Anonymous said...

Another way tO save is to get the vaccine directly from drugstore, medrep or familu dr if you know one. Kasi 100% markup nila. Pentaxim is less than 1,500. Rotarix & Synflorix is 2,500 at cost. Im a nurse so Ako na ngbibigay ng vaccines sa anak ko but ofvourse with my pedia's knowledge & consent ΓΌ

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info, plan ko rin kc n maglog lahat ng mga nangyayari sa baby ko first time mom ako and ngaun ko lng narealize ung mga iba bagay p na dapat i-log na kasama ung details. Thanks ulit and have a great day. Godbless

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