Thursday, May 12, 2011

Resort's World Manila Kaos

I'm not a Theatrical Play and Circus/Acrobat Fan, but after watching KAOS...A M A Z I N G! is all i can say. It's a world class Las Vegas meets Broadway One-of-a-kind-spectacle and first time in the Philippines. It was a wonderful experience and an honor to have watch this kind of play. 

our ticket
Too bad cameras and video cams are strictly not allowed....hay...sayang naman....

It's a classic adventure of a handsome prince, a beautiful maiden and an interfering advisor searching for a true love in the land of Kaos. 

Kaos casts:
Gian Magdangal, casted for one of the major roles as the handsome prince.
Martha Joy, the half-pinay “Canadian Idol” stand-out who plays the heroine; and
Joel Trinidad, a theater veteran and played the role of the scheming adviser.
Enrique Polo with Kaos the white lion, Sito the white tiger and Betty the yellow tiger
Human Time Machine from Colombia
Acrobats from Guang Xi China
Dancers from Europe
Cycle of Life Stunt Motorcyclists from Spain
Power Duo from Belarus

There were songs, dances, acrobatic artistry, magic and death-defying stunts from renowned performers from around the globe. Our very own Manila Symphony Orchestra provided the musical score of the show and the  hip-hop dance champion Philippine All Stars showed their electrifying moves along with different performers.
Acrobats from China
Was the 1st exciting scene, Gian was singing "Where is love" as this Acrobats dance gracefully while flying in midair.
Presenting the King, with lots of dancing from international talents
Then comes Enrique the Spanish Master Illusionist  with Sito the white Tiger
Followed by the Power Duo from Belarus
"They are both very masculine and good looking - i think i love them...."
Then a death-defying stunt of the Human Time Machine from Columbia
"It was a jaw dropping...breath taking performance"
The finale was the heart pounding, jaw dropping and breath taking death defying Cycle of Life Stunt Motorcyclist
"5 motorcyclist inside a globe shaped, metal cage cramming their selves together"

Kaos the white lion was also introduced at the later part of the show
"Kaos pictures courtesy of Google"
It was a 1 1/2 hour show and i really enjoyed every minute of it. 
Me after the Kaos Show.
We also had the chance to have a picture with Sito the white Tiger for Php 600 per shot
but have'nt got the picture yet, i'll just post it on my next blog
Hubby and Me Posing for Kaos
Us having fun with the staff
Hubby with Kaos Mascot 
Me with Kaos Mascot

Kaos is truly a world-class show participated by the best stage performers around the world made possible by Resorts World Manila for the Filipino audience.  Be sure not to miss the show, it's a bit expensive but it's really worth it. 

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