Monday, May 16, 2011

Splash Island Outing Prep

In preparation for our Saturday (14th of May, 2011) family Splash Island swimming , last Friday after office, hubby and I decided to meet at MOA to buy our swimming attire and some other needed stuff.

Here are some of our purchases for our swimming prep...

coco cabana pink stripe swim suit for my little girl
(50% off, from Php 399.00 to Php 199.87) 
Maui Shorts for my Master Kimi (Php 399.75 each)
Coco Cabana White Maxi Dress for me (Php 499.75)
White Greyhound Shorts for Me (Php 399.75)
Fuchsia Pink Swimsuit for Me by Coco Cabana (Php 699.75)
Coco Cabana by SM offers wide variety of cute summer swim wear and beach attires. It's also easy in the pocket, a lot cheaper compared to other branded swim wears which will cost you thousand bucks, yet it's quality and fit is as good as branded ones.

photo from SM Department Store Site
Some of Coco Cabana Summer Attire
available in all SM Department Store

Promo: For every Php 1,000 purchase from Coco Cabana, gives you Php 100 off plus free Summer Catalogue
here's my Coco Cabana Summer Catalogue by SM 
and since it's super hot this summer, it's a must to buy a sunblock with the maximum SPF most specially for kids.
My Kids Nivea Sunblock (Php 540.00)

Especially formulated for children’s delicate skin, the extra water resistant NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion provides reliable and immediate sun protection for kid’s sensitive skin. UVA and UVB filters protect safely against sunburn and long-term skin damage. The formula with Dexpanthenol protects the skin barrier and allows a longer and safer stay in the water. The lotion helps to reduce the risk of UV-induced allergies. Suitable for face and body.
  • Do not expose young children to direct sunlight
  • Even protected, avoid intensive midday sun
  • Apply generously before sun exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming and towelling to keep the original protection
  • For young children use protective clothing (cap, T-Shirt, shorts) and apply high SPF-sunscreen on sun-exposed areas (face, arms, legs)
  • Avoid direct contact with textiles and hard surfaces to prevent staining.
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

Sunscreen, Sun Block, SPF, UVB and UVA Rays?

Is there a difference between Sunscreen and Sun block?
Yes, there is a difference between the two. Sunscreen is more of a filtered type of protection. Absorbing Ultra Violet rays rather than reflecting them. Sunscreen will still allow tanning and darkening of the skin but still prevent it from burning. Sun block is pretty much like a barricade against the sun. Also, it will appear whiter on the face when you apply it as it has a higher content of Zinc. Sun block would be best to protect your skin from UV Rays, photo aging, wrinkles, skin cancer and all other sun damages to our skin.
For both of these products you want to let them sit 15-20 minutes prior to entering the water. So, it has time to dry and fully protect against the sun.
What does SPF stand for? Sun Protection Factor.
How much SPF is necessary? This answer will depend on every individual. The amount of SPF tells you how long you are able to stay in the sun before getting burned. For example if you pick an SPF 30 then it means your skin starts to burn after 30 mins of sun exposure. So, the SPF 30 will protect your skin for approximately 15 times longer (or 3 ½ hours) of skin protection without getting burned. If you think an SPF 30 is sufficient protection then you definitely do not need an SPF 70.
The SPF necessary will also depend on what type of activities you’ll be doing. You’ll definitely want to get an SPF with a higher number if you’re laying out on the beach under direct sun, and an SPF that’s just right for you if you’re getting moderate sun exposure.
However, if you finally find a sunscreen that works perfectly for your skin, and doesn’t cause a burn when you apply it but can only find it in a SPF number that is higher then what you need? Then it’s ok to wear a sunscreen one with a higher SPF.
What’s the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
UVA RAYS are less harmful then UVB RAYS. However, both can cause serious damage if not properly protected from them. Over exposure of UVA RAYS can cause cracks and shrinks to the collage and elastin in your skin. Also, known as the scariest word in the world, “WRINKLES”.
UVB RAYS would be the rays responsible for tanning your skin, but may also cause sunburn. These are the ones that can lead to an even scarier word, “Skin Cancer”. Which would probably be the one we fear the most and stress over proper protection.
Both of these types of RAYS can go through windows, most type of clothing, and windshields. Hence it’s the reason why we’d like to try and protect our skin at all times of the day regardless if you think it’s cloudy outside.
What are some of the reasons why my face burns with some Sunscreens?
The ingredients that commonly cause skin burning sensations when applied would be Benzophenones, Paba, or Para-amino benzoic
With all this said! Sunscreen would be best to wear under your make-up. Many cosmetic lines carry tinted moisturizers with SPF or you can mix in your favorite SPF into your favorite foundation.

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