Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simply Sweets Business Logo

Yesterday (30th of May 2011), an old friend of my sister message me, asking me if i can design a logo for her baking business with purple as her preferred color. Fortunately, I was in the mood and immediately come up with a simple but cute design.

and here's what i made..

Simply Sweets Logo
"I placed an electric beater to emphasize the baking theme business"
Simply Sweets Business Card
Simply Sweets Flyer's
"I attached some of her baking jobs that i got from her  FB Account"
She just asked me to design a logo, but since she's my sister's close friend, i voluntarily make her a business card and flyer. I already sent it to her and hopefully she'll like it. 

Another free-job-well-done for me...
What do you think?

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