Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day @ ChicBoy Las Pinas

Yesterday was Father's Day, we didn't go out to celebrate because we already had a Pre-Father's Day Celebration last Saturday. We just decided to have lunch in the newly opened Chic-Boy just outside our village. Since it's opening Chic-Boy was always packed with people and i wonder what's special about this food store.
Chic-Boy Las Pinas Branch
“Chic-Boy” –A fun and catchy play of the words “Chicken” and “Baboy,” two of the products we proudly offer to the Filipino market. We all know that Filipinos love to eat. Filipinos also love to find reasons to gather and celebrate. And at almost every occasion, chicken and pork are always on the menu.

Chic-boy’s pride is its Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo are marinated and stuffed with herb and spices and charcoal broiled to juicy and tasty perfection. It’s soooo flavorful, no sauce is needed to amplify the taste! But for those who love dipping their food in sauces, our lechon manok and lechon liempo is best paired with our lechon sauce or our special vinegar sauce.

Other items you’ll find in our menu are comfort foods that Filipinos enjoy. We have Chicken Inasal from Bacolod, Inihaw na Liempo, Barbecue, a variety of Sisig (Lechon Sisig, Chicken Sisig, Bangus Sisig and Tuna Sisig), Soups (Sinigang, Tinola and Batchoy), Vegetables (Ginisang Kangkong, Inihaw na Talong, Ensaladang Mangga, Gising Gising), staple Filipino meriendas like Lumpiang Sariwa, Dinuguan at Puto, Pancit Canton and Palabok and Desserts such as Turones Con Leche, Leche Flan, Saba in Syrup and Ice Cream.

Our food are not only delicious and savory, they are easy on the pocket too! You can enjoy meals with huge portions of chicken or pork and Rice All You Can. Chic-Boy is the perfect place to have an affordable yet delicious and fulfilling meal with your family, colleagues and barkadas. Bring home Chic-boy and share with your loved ones. It’s the perfect dish to complete your family reunions, barkada gatherings and even your company meetings and outings.
Chibog-Busog Meals
Chic-Boy Menu
Chic-Boy Resto Interior
Chic-Boy also offers unlimited rice for dine-in
"happy to have an unlimited fried garlic as one of their condiments.
I also love the "orange oil" which makes your rice more appetizing."
My Order: CB-6 Cebu Lechon Liempo (Php 99.00)
"tender and  tasty, it blends well with the special vinegar"
Leche Flan (Php 30.00)
Turrones Con Leche (Php 30.00)
"i so love this Turon with a twist.
It's a classic banana fritter with a creamy caramel dip.
Yummy.! Highly Recommended for sweet lovers.
All in all my Chic-Boy experience was satisfying and tummy filling. 
Good Food for a very affordable price.

For more info visit Chic-Boy @

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