Monday, June 20, 2011

Wilcon 2nd Batch Fixture Purchases

Since we replaced our engineer our house construction has been on its fast phase. Just 20 days and they already accomplished a lot of work, including the 2nd level terrace. Since today is holiday, we then had an opportunity to go to Wilcon to hunt and buy bathroom fixtures.
our house as of June 2011
Wilcon Depot Alabang
For our ground floor powder room
Pozzi Toilet Bowl (Php 5,760.00)
Pozzi Lavatory (Php 2,960.00)
Pozzi Urinal
For the maids room
Pozzi Toilet Bowl + Lavatory Package (Php 6,500.00)
For the 2nd floor common C.R.
Pozzi Toilet Bowl + Lavatory Package (Php 8,340.00)
For the Master's Bedroom
Pozzi Toilet Bowl (Php 10,880.00)
Pozzi Lavatory (Php 2,448.00)
we also bought Glass Blocks for the 2nd floor pocket garden wall
Block Glass in smoke black  and red (Php 300.00 each)
Other great options for home decoration
Kohler Toilet Bowl (Php 278, 232.00)
"we're not planning on buying this, i just cant believe  how expensive this toilet bowl is"
wood wall accent (Php 484.00)
Wall shelves (Php 2, 500.00)
outdoor lamp (Php 1, 350.00)
Gate Lamp (Php 1, 200.00)
Philips Lights
Cove Lights
more lights...
loading all the purchases of the day
Having a house is really exciting specially the furniture and fixtures hunting, 
yet very tiring, confusing and heavy on the pocket. 
Still a lot of work and buying to do...

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