Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Depot House Fixtures Hunting

After attending an event of a close friend, we immediately went home, rest and prepared for our scheduled house fixtures hunting at Home Depot Alabang. Our agenda is to look for Wall papers, Mini Jacuzzi and Kitchen fixtures.

Before leaving we fisrt took a shot with our future adobe...
Daddy and Proud Kimi
Mommy and Annoyed Kimi
At Home Depot
our 1st stop was the wall paper supplier shop "Corea Walls". They offer wide variety of cute high quality wallpapers with free installation. The shop has numbers of super heavy gigantic books consisting of hundreds of design that will surely make you go gaga.
here are some of the wallpaper options that we like..
Kimi with the gigantic book of cartoon character wall papers
I so love to have this built in trash can under the kitchen sink
nice kitchen option for our house
"estimate cost, about Php 100,000 to 200,000"
Too bad we need to leave early because Master Kimi is hungry and already having tantrums due to the hot temperature inside Home Depot Alabang. Tsk tsk...Home Depot should make their warehouse environment relaxing for shoppers, additional air con please...thumbs down for that. 

Since Kimi is already hungry, we dedcided to stop and dine at one of his favorite resto, none other than "Pancake House".
once again Kimi is goofing around...but now with a spoon
Thank God for a great Saturday...

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