Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Meeting with Engineer, Architect and Interior Designer

Yesterday (Sunday, 5th of June 2011) was the scheduled meeting with our Engineer, Architect and Interior Designer. I was happy and much impressed of architect's plan exterior and interior design of the house. We can see that there's a fast and big improvement in terms of construction since we replaced our engineer and hired an architect. 
Shots of the Day
Hubby busy discussing with the big 3
(engineer, archi and interior designer)
a sketch of the ground floor plan presented by architect 
The glass pocket garden and stairs at the living room
The pocket garden will have a glass sliding door for easy access, inside we will place mini plants or bonsai plus jugs and stone pebbles for accent.
"i super love architect's concept, we really love to have a glass pocket garden inside the house where i can  put an altar that may serve as a relaxing prayer graden"
The new plan by Architect Ramil
The master's bedroom walk in closet with the mini jacuzzi
hubby with Engineer
slot for pocket garden
Hubby with the big 3 at the 2nd level
After the meeting with the big 3, we then all go to Wilcon Alabang to check out and took measurements of the needed house fixtures such as tiles, bathroom fixtures, glass blocks, stone works etc.

and here are some of our preferred fixtures and accents...
cute lights for our kids room
red hanging ball light for the dining area
preffered backdrop color for the tv by hubby
optional car bed frame for Kimi
preferred bathtub for 2 with 2 steps stairs, with stone pebbles accent around (shown below)
Preferred ground floor powder room lighting and design
glass for the 2nd level terrace
"they will use the exact material and design for our house"
my preferred toilet bowl
hubby's preferred powder room sink
preferred stone works for the pocket garden
my preferred kitchen tiles
my preferred tiles for the living room lining
our preferred tiles for the master's bedroom cr
preferred urinal for ground floor powder room
hubby's preferred master's bedroom lavatory
partial auto cad presentation of our Interior Designer
loading some of the fixture purchases of the day
Really a long way to go and more big time expenses before we see our final adobe. 
Thanks idol for fulfilling one of my dreams.
Thanks to our Engineer, Architect and Interior Designer for your hard work.
 Lord, thanks again for this great blessing

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