Monday, June 13, 2011

Immunization + 84th Birthday + Dave's Fun House = One Fine Saturday

It's Saturday, weekend once more. One of our yaya took her dayoff and she'll be back by Sunday afternoon which means it's another hands on bonding weekend with my kids.

First, we brought Khloe to her pedia for her scheduled immunization.
my little girl after her injection
here's an ice cream treat for you for being so brave
Then we stayed home for a while to celebrate Lola Saling's (My Grandmother-in-Law) 84th Birthday. 
Happy Birthday Lola
Lola with his loving son (Daddy) and Apo (Hubby)
Then hubby decided to go to SM Southmall with the kids for a little stroll and playtime. Before leaving we took a simple family shot...
Me and My Princess Khloe
oh...where's Master Kimi 
See how lucky I am? have them in my life
love u all so much
As usual, Yaya forgot Kimi's shoes so we have no choice but to look for another alternative footwear for Kimi. I like espadrilles, because it's easy to wear and very comfortable, so i searched for a nice pair of espadrille for Kimi and found one at Advan. 

Actually I find Advan footwear Brand very nice, not only that it's very fashionable, with variety of colors and styles, but also the price is very affordable. We always have a hard time in getting Kimi to wear new shoes unless it's Crocs. But to our amazement, he love my's just a simple white slip on espadrille. He actually tried to walk with it which also means he find it very comfortable (Success for mommy and daddy).
Kimi wearing his Advan Shoes (Php 600)
After a short furniture hunting, with only 30 minutes left, hubby decided to play at Dave's Fun House with my kids.

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See how hands on hubby is...
he took care of the 2 kids w/o yaya and me
My King and my Princess
Khloe enjoying his 1st Dave's Fun House experience
our happy little KloiKloi
More photos here

Well that was our One Fine Saturday.
Enjoyed and Love every minute of It.

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