Monday, June 13, 2011

Playtex Baby

I've been loyal to Playtex since i had my 1st child, because I find their products infant/child friendly, safe, durable and worry-free for mothers. 

My 1st Playtex product purchased was the Playtex-Ventaire-Advanced (back in May 2008). I was satisfied and pleased with the product that i even recommended it to my soon-to-be-mother friends. My main problem before with my eldest is "Gas & Colic", it's every mothers makes my baby uncomfortable making him cry all the time. But after using  Playtex-Ventaire-Advanced, i instantly felt the difference, less crying and more relaxing sleep for my baby even after feeding. My son used the bottles for 3 years and it's a proof of it's durability, continuous in and out of the sterilizer but still crack and scratch free.

(2011) Khloe with her Playtex Ventaire
(2008) Kimi's 1st Playtex Ventaire
Promotes semi upright feeding position recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. Plus, micro-channel vents create a consistent flow of liquid to minimize pressure on your baby’s ear canals and helps protect against gas, colic and spit-up.

Now on my 2nd child I'm still using Playtex. It's also the brand preferred by Hollywood Celebrities, mainly because it's Bpa Free, Safe and because of its fashionable look and  designs. One more thing i so love about Playtex is the top and bottom removable ends, with both side open the bottles for sure is completely clean.

Suri Cruise with her pink Playtex Drop Ins
We also purchased Playtex Drop-Ins which is ideal for travelling.

According to a recent scientific study, the Playtex® Drop-Ins® System mimics the natural swallowing and breathing patterns seen during breastfeeding, which makes for efficient and healthy milk expression*.
The Study Showed:

  • Breastfed infants have a well-coordinated feeding pattern of sucking, breathing and swallowing.
  • Testing of a leading hard-walled bottle showed a significantly different feeding pattern as compared to breastfeeding, which could lead to more gas and tummy upset.
  • The Drop-Ins® System mimicked the feeding and breathing pattern of breastfeeding. This means baby can more easily alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

(2009) Kimi during our Australia Trip with his Playtex Drop Ins
Other Products my kiddos tried from Playtex:
My kiddos love all these products except the Pacifier, because when it comes to Pacifier Avent is the brand they prefer and like.
and last Saturday, we bought Khloe her own Playtex Lil Gripper Straw Cup and Pacifier Holder.
Playtex Straw Cup in Purple/Pink (Php 499.75)
and her cute Playtex Pacifier Holder (Php 250.00)
Be sure that any plastic you'll buy for your kiddos is BPA and Phthalate Free.
Playtex is really a great product for your little ones.
Quality bottles that isn't too expensive and works great! 
Highly Recommended.

Visit Playtex Website to Learn More

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