Friday, June 24, 2011

Splash Island Digital Scrapbook Page's now 7:45pm and I'm still here at the office. Typhoon Falcon really did bring heavy rains, floods and damn Manila traffic. Sigh..."Wala na bang Pag-Asa ang Pag-Asa"...tsk tsk tsk. Since I'm still waiting for hubby and with nothing to do, i made another DS page for my collection just to keep myself busy.
Digital Scrapbook Khloe DS31 - Splash Island
Well I'm really lucky to have a hubby who never gets tired of driving and fetching me to work everyday. 
I don't need to experience the hassles of commuting, specially when there's heavy rain and floods. 
Thanks so much idol for everything.
You really make me feel so you so much...

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