Friday, June 24, 2011

93.1 RX The Morning Rush Top Ten -Love is _________

The Top Ten Ways To Complete The Statement:
"Love Is _______"
  1. Lockon Stratos – Love is being in a candy store, but wanting only your favorite gummy bear.
  2. No name – Love is an injection, below the midsection, with affection, without objection.
  3. Mr. Miser – Love is the biggest enemy of many friendships.
  4. Abernathy – Love is like water: it gives life, but too much will drown you.
  5. Eien17 – Love is tampering with the future.
  6. Mortalez – Love is born with its twin: pain.
  7. Stephase – Love is a decision you make everyday.
  8. Mr. Perk – Love is fighting even though you know from the start that you’ll never win.
  9. No name – Love is when you see a solo picture, only to later realize you were looking at a group photo.
  10. Tot Gaga – Love is working your ass off, then handing over your paycheck to your wife.
  11. Tunog – Love is like a raging flood, it will flow where it wants to.
  12. Aenthin – Love is when you tell a guys you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.
  13. Yen – Love is a pain in the ass and a hole in the heart.
  14. No name – When you’re willing to give up the balat ng Chicken Joy for her.
  15. (oBaDiaH) – Love is where joy and sacrifice meet.
  16. Maldito and Bluefeather09 – Love is friendship set on fire.
  17. No name – Love is gentle, love is kind. Love is slowly losing your mind.
  18. Eien17, Acer, Randy Jackstone and YñaKì – From Mark Twain: Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
  19. EnigmaticJehn – Love is knowing when to hang on and when to let go.
  20. Czarovic – Love is easy to get but hard to forget.
  21. Young Indy – Love is in the dictionary, but not in my vocabulary.
  22. KiD BuKid and Cheesechalk – Love is sitting together in the middle of a bench, when there’s plenty of room on either side.
  23. No name – Love is getting it up for the same woman even after she gets old, saggy and wrinkly.
  24. Nobody’s Juliet – Love is a disease, because you always end up in bed.
  25. Eien17 – Love is just a word…until someone comes along to give it meaning.
  26. Mommy Kresha – Love is like talaba. Patay na kumakapit pa.
  27. YñaKì – Love is getting stupid together.
  28. Mondster – Love is word too strong to be uttered early, but too beautiful to say too late.

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