Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whims & Fancies

I'm so in love with art....It's one of my passion and my line...It's what i do best. It's the reason why i forced myself to learn Adobe Photoshop through self study. Almost all of my works are free of charge because i feel more fulfilled when i receive appreciation and praise from clients. Salute to the all the Artistic people and i feel so blessed to be one of them.

I adore the Facebook Account Whims&Fancies. It's a business account which offers unique and creative invitations for all occasions. I can see the dedication and passion the owner puts in each of her creations. She inspires me to move out-of-the-box and explore more possibilities in designs. Maybe for now, I'm not yet ready to venture in a business like hers, But i'm hoping someday i would.

Once, i borrowed one of her idea, but made it with my own version. As a token, I decided to make a simple logo design for her business. I wasn't expecting the she'll like it, all i want is to pay her back for her shared ideas and for being an inspiration. But to my surprise she "love it"....

Whims&Fancies Facebook Account
the message from the Administrator
Whims&Fancies Logo that i created
Whims&Fancies Unique and Creative Works
For inquiries visit Whims&Fancies @

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