Friday, June 24, 2011

Yaya Regine's Birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of Kimi's Yaya. I promised her that after work i'll buy some food for her birthday "handa". But due to Typhoon Falcon hubby and I was stranded and arrive late at home. So we just celebrated her birthday today. But due to heavy rain i just decided to open and just place a web order for delivery.

Actually I've already ordered using a couple of times. It's makes ordering a lot easier because you can see the exact picture, details and price of the menu. The site also offers options and instructions for clearer ordering plus there's no rush compared to the old land line way.
records of my recent orders
i also grab this free tumbler promo
I just ordered 1pc. Chicken Joy with Spaghetti Meal for the 4 housemates to simply celebrate Yaya Regine's Birthday.
Well ...Happy 20th Birthday Regine. 
Hope you're happy working with us...
Yaya Regine

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