Monday, July 25, 2011

Fix Salon + GoNuts Donuts + Wendy's = Friday Weekend

Last Friday (22nd of July 2011), after work, Hubby and Kimi fetch me then we proceed to Robinson's Ermita for hubby's scheduled haircut from his stylist at Fix Salon
Fix Salon Robinson's Ermita Branch
L/2 #341-372 Robinsons Place Ermita Manila
Hubby and Kimi while waiting for Mr. Jojo
Mr. Jojo Tanglao, Hubby's Favorite and Trusted Fix Salon Stylist
Jojo has been hubby's stylist for more than a decade (about 12 years). When it comes to haircut, hubby only trust the hands of Mr. Jojo Tanglao. I too had experienced the magic hands of Jojo and he'll surely give you chic and classy haircut result. Plus, he's such a sweetheart, always greeting us with a big smile and a sweet kiss. No wonder he has lots of loyal clients, the reason why you need to set a schedule for a "magical" haircut session with Mr.Jojo.
Kimi, while waiting for his Daddy
Since Kimi is feeling a bit bored and hungry, i asked him to come with me to buy Donuts. For a change we tried the Donuts from GoNuts Donuts
GoNuts Donuts Promo
"Buy 6 Get 6 for Php 216.00"
Kimi's Donut Choices
"Strawberry Glaze, Chocolate Cake Crumble and a Piglet Donut"
for Php 108.00
For GoNuts Donuts Choices visit
GoNuts Donuts tastes just ok...a bit upscale than Dunkin Donuts...yet not as sweet as Krispy Kreme. Just enough for any kids donut cravings.

After Hubby's haircut, we decided to have our dinner at Wendy's, since he's craving for Wendy's Shrimp Burger.

Wendy's Combo Menu
I was a bit surprised by Wendy's Combo Menu prices. It's very pricey compared to other ordinary food chains. You can't have a combo meal for less than 100 bucks. Maybe because quality really comes with a high price.
A biggie iced tea for us.
it's my all time favorite Iced Tea.
 I so love Wendy's Iced Tea unique mix.
(a taste of lipton with a mix of calamansi juice)
a short stop at the malls water fountain before going home.
A bit tired but happy to have spent another day with my king and prince.

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