Monday, July 25, 2011

Eng Bee Tin + 168 Mall + Binggrae + Robinson's Ermita + Ming Yuen + UCC Cafe = Bonding with my Girlfriends

Last Saturday (23rd of July 2011), was my scheduled bonding date with my girlfriends. 
Our first Agenda was to meet up at 168 Mall and do a little shopping. 

Hubby is really one of the best, because aside from taking time to drive me to Divisoria...he also gave me Php xx,xxx for my Divi shopping escapade. Thank you idol...

But he just have a simple Eng Bee Tin Hopia....
Just bought Eng Bee Tin
Classic Mongo Hopia (Php 36.00 / pack of 4's)
Ube Hopia (Php 42.00 / pack of 4's)
Tikoy Roll Pandan (Php 32.00/ pack)
Tikoy Roll Ube (Php 32.00/ pack)
Eng Bee Tin
628 Ongpin St. Binondo, Manila Philippines
Eng Bee Tin Classic Monggo Hopia
"stuffed with yummy sweet monggo"
After meeting up and a bit shopping with my girlfriends at 168 Mall, one of my friend requested for us to transfer to 999 shopping mall so she can buy and introduce one inexpensive but delicious sweet treat to us, Binggrae Ice Cream Products.
(found at 999 Shopping Mall 3rd level)
Binggrae produced great products such as Korea’s very first classic ice cream “Together”, we also pioneered the spoonable yogurt “Yoplait”, produced the nation's No.1 brand “Banana Flavored Milk, and of course the legendary or world beating popsicle “Melona.”

"With its unique blend of smooth and rich taste of real melon,
MELONA has become loved by Koreans.
    Since its debut in 1992, MELONA covered the domestic food market
    with melon wave, setting the best selling record in the domestic
    'popsicle market' with 280million bars sold in 1994."
Binggrae Melona Melon (Php 25.00)
"so creamy and has a rich melon taste, big in size and one great buy"

After finishing our new found sweet treat, we transferred to Robinson's Ermita to have our dinner. As usual we ended up eating in a restaurant with Chinese cuisine. Since I've only spent half of  the shopping allowance that hubby gave, i decided to treat my friends at Ming Yuen (the resto they chose). It's my 2nd time to eat at Ming Yuen and i really find their food really appetizing.
with my BFF's Sha and Ron
Our Order
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 150.00)
"just enough for 2 hungry person"
Salt and Pepper Squid (Php 240.00)
Crispy Chicken (Php 195.00)
"Very crispy with a chorizo after taste"
Spicy Steamed Beef with Soy Sauce (Php 290)
"tender beef but with a spicy kick"
A Proof of how hungry we are...
My Previous Blog about Ming Yuen 

As usual, it will not be complete without our usual after dinner coffee break. 
UCC Cafe of course will be 1st on my list. 
I don't know what's really on their coffee but it tasted heavenly with superb aroma, one cup is really not enough. 
You should try it yourself and you'll surely be addicted to UCC coffee like me.

Our Order
Iced Cafe Mocha for Ron (Php 135.00)
My Cafe Latte (Php 115.00)
"'s better than Starbucks version" 
White Mocha for Sha (Php 150.00)
It was one great and fun bonding day with my girlfriends. 
It was nice seeing them again.
I really enjoyed every moment of it.
I love you guys...

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