Friday, July 15, 2011

Frito Lays Doritos Monster

I admit it! I'm really a monster (also selfish) when it comes to "Doritos". I so love its super cheesy...crunchy... taco taste (even without any dip). It's one of my favorite snack (aside from Cheetos). No other Taco snack brand can beat my Doritos...Yum yum...

This morning I brought with me a bag of Doritos and as usual i didn't share it with anybody (*evil grin*). Feeling a bit bored, i started to goof around and took some shots with my Doritos (Nacho Cheesier).
Thumbs up for my Favorite Snack " Doritos"
We have something in common, We go for RED...
Brace yourselves...
Because you're about to see a real "Doritos Monster"
Are you ready?
Are you really ready?!

The Doritos Monster
How about you? 
Do you love Doritos?
Well...join me in being one Doritos Monster...

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