Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday Bonding with Lolo and Lola

It's Saturday weekend, our original plan was to go to Greenhills to buy our son, Kimi, a 2nd hand IPad (it's impractical to buy him a new one since he's only 3 yrs. old). Since he's into educational videos and stuff, an IPad will be a big help in his stage of brain development. But for an unexpected circumstances, Khloe's yaya has to take her 2 days off to take care of his sick son. So we just end up going to SM Southmall with the kids and Ma and Pa. It was also in our plan to buy Khloe her own stroller, but since we arrive late at the mall (about 7:30), we didn't had the time to look and shop for one. So we just dine at Pancake House (Kimi's favorite resto) then went home. 

Photos of the Day
Kimi, Busy with his Lola's ITouch
"He just love his Lola's ITouch, because it contains a lot of games"
Khloe with her loving Lola
"we love you so much Mama"
Dinner at Pancake House
My son with his Lolo
"we love you Papa"
My Daughter Khloe.
"showing already that she's a Daddy's Girl"
A bit disappointing day but still happy to be with MaPa, Hubby and the Kids.

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