Monday, August 15, 2011

All About Mulberry Hills Preparatory School Manila

Mulberry Hills Philosophy of Education

We believe that a child has innate potentials that are lovingly endowed to him by the Lord Almighty.  These potentials need to be awakened and nurtured to the fullest.  The child's learning experiences and the total environment provided to him are essential factors that will help him develop these potentials to their optimum.

An active or experiential learning is best for the child.  These experiences must be directed towards the development of the whole child- his spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth as an individual.

Children should construct knowledge through active experimentation and interaction with his environment.  All activities that should be given to children should be developmentally appropriate to their level.

Play is an essential part of a child's life.  He learns through play.  His interest and "need to know" motivates his learning.  A positive attitude towards learning must be nurtured early enough in a child.  A good teacher exerts all efforts to make children enjoy, have fun and develop a deep love for learning.

The ultimate aim of education is to develop a child to be a well-adjusted, happy, productive individual who will serve his fellow men and give glory to God.

Mulberry Hills School Manila envisions itself as a school responding to the needs of young children for a high quality and relevant preschool and grade school education that will prepare them cope with the learning demands of the present and the future.
Here, the child will have a happy early childhood education in academics, values, art and music and practical life.  He will learn to appreciate himself and all the world around him.


We aim to accomplish our vision by providing a well-integrated child-centered curriculum in a relaxed, friendly, homey and modern atmosphere.  The child will feel secured, wanted, loved and respected.  He can explore, share, play and learn.
We shall make every effort to make school a truly happy and fulfilling experience where every precious child will discover the joy of learning.

Fees and Requirements

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Located @
  • 42 Rosal St., Manuela 1, Pamplona
  • 1740 Las PiƱas, Philippines


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