Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Dinner @ Cecile's Bermuda Country Restaurant

Last Saturday I had a fun and wonderful bonding day with my parents and siblings. We chose 168 Mall as our bonding place, since mama really loves shopping small "anik-aniks" or stuff found in Divisoria. Time really runs so fast, before we knew was already 5 pm. But before heading home, they decided to stop for a while at our house to visit and play with my 2 munchkins (their apo's). Then Hubby called and invited us for a dinner at Cecile's Restaurant.

I've known Cecile's Restaurant since elementary days, It is where we I celebrated my grade school graduation. It is also considered as one of the oldest restaurant in Las Pinas. Cecile's is also famous for their Cecile's Signature Fried Chicken. It is also considered by many Las Pineros as venue option for big events  like debut, wedding, christening etc.
Cecile's Address
The place really looks and feels like old school
Table Arrangement
Photos of the Day
Hubby and Master Kimi
My Happy Family @ Cecile's...Love them so much
We miss you sis...!
Hubby with Bro Nino and Sis-in-Law Diane
Lolo Perry with Kimitots
Our Order
Mushroom Soup
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Cecile's Signature Chicken
"Fried chicken covered with their special sauce (more like a gravy)"
Crispy Pata
"Good for the Heatlh...hahaha"
Beef Curry
"my special request"
Cecile's Restaurant is really a classic...

Again, happy to have spent another weekend with my love ones...
Really Priceless.....

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