Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iris Babao Uy - Scrapbook Artist

Yesterday, at a coffee shop while waiting for hubby and sipping my favorite coffee, i decided to grab a magazine. As i browse, a sample scrapbook page caught my attention. Since it's my passion i took time to read it. 

It was an article about Ms. Iris Babao Uy, a Scrapbook Artist like me. But we have different medium, she creates handmade scrapbook using die cut embellishments and papers, while i create a digital type of scrapbook. My scrapbook designs are nothing compared to hers. Her works are amazing! she's really a gifted artist. 

Today, i visited her site and i was wowed and captivated by her designs. 
It really reflects real happiness and inspiration.

"Do What You Love"

Visit Iris Uy Scrapbook Works @ 
One of my favorite works by Iris Uy
great choice of color combination and embellishments
It would be an honor to meet her someday...

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