Monday, August 15, 2011

Lotte Seafood Taiwanese Cuisine

Every time we pass by Zapote-Alabang Road we always notice Lotte Seafood Taiwanese Cuisine. Since last Friday was Jay's 17th Birthday (hubby's youngest brother), With no idea where to dine, we considered trying Lotte Seafood for a change.

Lotte Seafood Taiwanese Cuisine Menu

Our Order
Yang Chao Fried Rice (Php 250.00)
"tasted as expected. No clear deviation from what we usually eat at Chinese Restaurants"
Steamed Taiwan Pechay
Taiwan Style Adobong Pusit (Php 300.00)
"has a unique taste, pusit cooked in spices such as garlic, ginger and star anis"
Si Chun Spicy Pork (Php 285.00)
"like sweet and sour pork but with lots of chili pepper...super spicy"
Spicy Cream Dory Soup (Php 360.00)
"Soup made with Dory Fish, Tofu and lots of chili pepper...super hot!!"
Steamed Oyster (Php 250.00)
"basically steamed oyster in oyster sauce"
Shrimp Tempura (Php 350.00)
Steamed King Fish (Php 350.00)
Lotte Chicken (Php 250.00)
"very crispy"
They also gave us complimentary sweet watermelon with Taiwanese powder dip which tasted like "champoy".'s our 1st time to try Taiwanese Cuisine, we didn't expect that Taiwanese Food is really that spicy. 
More like Korean Food, always pack with lots of chili. 
All in all...our food experience was okay, but will definitely not add Lotte on the list of our usual Resto choices.

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