Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nokia X1-01 Dual Sim

Currently i have postpaid plan from Suncellular, but due to its low signal, hubby decided to enroll me for another postpaid plan, now from Globe Telecom. Now i already have two postpaid plans, one from Suncellular (Unlimited Sun to Sun Call & Text) and another one from Globe (Unlimited Text to all networks). Though i got a free dual Sim phone from Suncellular, it hasn't been useful since it is locked for Sun Sim only. So in order to maximize the use of my phone lines and to lessen the burden of bringing 2 phone units, i need an Open-Line-Dual-Sim-Phone. So... to solve my problem, without uncertainty, i bought the cheapest dual Sim phone from Nokia which is the X1-01 .
Nokia X1-01 Dual Sim (Php 2,000)
Fits well with a Ferrari Sticker....i heart red!

Pros: User Friendly * Dual Sim * Powerful Battery * Loud Speakers
Cons: Without Camera * You can't use any picture as screensaver

Im happy with my Nokia X1-01...simple yet very useful

Now im selling my MyPhone QT7 Duo for Php 1,500 (negotiable, with box and complete accessories). The only problem is locked for Suncellular Sim only.

Interested?....just leave a comment...

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