Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wilcon + Home Depot + Hero Sausage + Dundee Croc Burger = One Busy Firday

Friday (28th of July 2011): I took a leave to accompany hubby on another home fixture hunting adventure. Our main agenda is to look for nice stone works for the walls of the powder room and to buy additional glass blocks. Our 1st stop is at Home Depot Alabang, again we visited and paid Corea Walls for our kids playroom wall paper. 
This was our final choice, this will fit the green and red color theme of the kids playroom
(Php 2,500/ 10 meters)
Then we proceed to Wilcon Alabang, to purchase additional glass blocks. 
this is where the glass blocks will be installed,
we need 18 more cloudy gray blocks in order to fill the space..
and since it's already lunch time, we just decided to eat at Nueve Cafe inside Wilcon.
Nueve Cafe
offers pastries, cakes, rice/pasta dishes, sandwiches, coffee etc.
also the supplier of Croc meat...
My order...Croc Cheese Burger (Php 100)
"taste like any ordinary cheese burger, but has a crunchier patty...
thumbs up for this Croc Burger...i just hope it has lesser calories"
Then we headed home to fetch Mommy, Daddy and Kimi, now to go to Wilcon Sucat  to buy the master's bedroom CR Tiles and additional Water Closets. 

Upon entering Wilcon Sucat, you'll be greeted by the yummy aroma of Sausages from a Hero Sausage Kiosk. As a sausage lover, it left me no choice but to try some of the sausages in the menu.

Hero Sausages has the best Hungarian sausage, perfectly suited to the Filipino taste and has the quality of a true German sausage.  Hero Sausages formulation is exclusively developed by Hero Great Bites’ team of  enterprising individuals with extensive experience in sausage business, Filipino chef with more than 25 years of international and local food experience, German consultants who are authentic sausage lovers and a couple’s passion for food and business.
Hero Sausages Food Concept is inspired by the extraordinary reception of the market towards sausages specifically Hungarian, Schublig and Frankfurters.
Hero Sausages food concept is all about sausages and it carries different basic variants of sausages from Hungarian, schublig,  cheesy Hungarian, cheesy frankfurter, spicy frankfurter and premium frankfurter.
All Hero Sausages are made of natural hog casing, finest quality meat, special herbs and spices, no food coloring, no MSG, no TVP or any extenders and definitely no salitre as preservative.
Hero Sausage Kiosk at Wilcon Sucat
My choice... Cheesy Hungarian (Php 68.00)
"gosh...for sausage lover like me...the taste is heavenly.
I consumed 2 big pieces of it and still craving for more.
So if your a sausage lover..this kiosk is really a sausage heaven!...
100% recommended"
Well, this is just the start of our very busy weekend....

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