Thursday, September 29, 2011

Khloe's Birthday Giveaway by Handicrafts atbp.

I'm so happy with Khloe's mini crown stool giveaway from Handicrafts atbp. It's so cute and really fits my daughter's princess theme birthday.  My only regret is...i should have ordered a bigger version so it will be more useful for the kids. Handicrafts atbp. manufactures personalized wood products like stool, cabinets, kiddie furniture's etc..I love their polished works, they can really get the exact image, color and design that you desire.
To personalize my order... i requested Khloe@1 stamp, place an embellishment pink gem and stick a small photo of my daughter
Stool with ribbon and Thank You Tag
Thanks Handicrafts atbp. for accommodating my rush order...

Other Products of Handicrafts atbp.
Door Name Plates, Letter Cutout, Ref Magnets, Pen Holder, Paper Weight, Stools, Clocks, Letter Standee, Cebinets, Frames,  Lunch Box, etc.
For inquires visit Handicrafts atbp. @
or contact
Ms. Grace Garcia-Anonuevo
Mobile No: +63917.643.3405
YM: sashabelle_garcia

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