Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kimi @ Mulberry Hills

I'm so happy because Kimi really loves and enjoys going to school. Ever since his 1st day, we didn't had a hard time waking him up in the morning, it's because he also sleeps early. We trained him to sleep at 10pm and before sleeping he always say "No TV, No DVD, No Laptop, No Ipad, No Playing...Yeah Dede...No Snoring (for his daddy).

Happy and proud to share some photos of my son from his Mulberry School activities...

09.08.2011 Mother Mary's Birthday @ Mulberry Hills
(Kimi is the one wearing the blue and orange sando at the back)

09.15.2011 Play Doh Making Time
(Kimi is wearing a blue shirt with a necktie)
Look at where Kimi's hand the legs of his girl classmate...tsk tsk tsk
Listening at Teacher Celia
The Playdoh they made from Flour
Kimi busy creating his playdoh masterpiece
Daddy and Mommy is so proud of you Master Kimi...
Keep Up the Good Work!
and Thanks Mulberry Hills for taking good care of our little master...

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