Monday, October 31, 2011

At Market Market with the Kids

 Since we had no province to go to or any long trip plan for the long weekend vacation...we just decided to take the kids at the mall. This time we went to Market Market for our family bonding stroll.
Sitting at one of the Sofa option i want for the house
Then we decided to dine at Yellow Cab, since all other fast food chain and resto's are full.
Yellow Cab's Creamy Squash Soup (Php 95.00)
"it's my 1st time to try it...and i so love creamy and tasty. My daughter loves it too...definitely added to the list of my favorite soup."
Kimi eating his favorite comfort food...PIZZA!
Family Shot with Sesame Street
My Life and Inspiration...My Kids...Kimi and Khloe 
Another time well spent with my family.
Love It!

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