Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunday Family Day

For the Sunday of the Long Weekend Vacation...we went to Greenhills for Kimi's XBox system update. 
Then we had our merienda-dinner at Brothers Burger and Tokyo Tokyo
Kimi ordered Tokyo Tokyo Red Tea
Hubby ordered Tokyo Tokyo's Tempura
Kimi lovin' and eating his Brothers Baby Burger
A shot with my super "takaw" son
here's what's left from my sons burger...
On our way home Kimi and I played and goof around with his big lollipop

Since we didn't bring Khloe with us, We make it up to her by just cuddling and playing with her at home
Khloe busy with my FB Account using his Kuya's IPad
A portrait with my little princess...I So Love Her!
My Three Busy Bees...Wondering what's keeping them busy...hmmm...?
Oh! I See....they are busy playing Plants vs Zombies...
Can Mommy join?

Another fun weekend with our little kulilits....

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