Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Budget for a Princess Themed 1st Birthday Party

I summarize all the expenses of my daughter's 1st birthday party in order to give other moms an idea or overview of how much will be the budget for a simple Princess Theme Birthday Party.

Venue and Food @ Kids Castle for 90 pax = Php 21, 910.00
Spaghetti + Chicken + Fries + Drinks + Ice Cream (Php 149.00 per pax)
Php 13, 410 for 90 pax
30 pcs. Mini Crown Stool Giveaways from Handicrafts atbp = Php 2,940.00
Crown Mini Stools (Php 98.00/pc.)
Clowns by Red Payasong Salamangkero = Php 3,500 (courtesy of my parents and sister)
with Hosting, 40 pcs. Balloon Twisting, Magic and Unlimited Face Paint
80 pcs. Cake Pops by Simply Sweets = Php 1,100.00 (SYG didn't charge me for PF) 
Cake Pops Stand, Tags and Design by KimiF1Creations = Php 500.00
30 pcs. Exploding Box Invitation by KimiF1Creations = Php 500.00
Celebrant's Outfit = Php 2,700.00
Twilo Pink Gown (Php 850.00)
Metallic Pink Disney Princess Shoes (Php 450.00)
Pink Sando with Tutu Skirt by SM Department Store's  Miss Cupcake (Php 850.00)
Total Expense for Princess Themed 1st Birthday Party = Php 33,150.00

It only shows that everything is expensive nowadays, just a simple party will cost you a lot. 
What more if we add balloon arts and pillars or party carts or other birthday stuff? it will surely costs us more.
As a mom we always want to save, but our little angels special day will always be an exemption. 
Right Moms?

0930.144.6502 / 0916.349.8248

Cake Pops by Simply Sweets

Crown Stool by Handicrafts atbp.
0917.589.9488 / 0922.871.6183

Venue by Kid's Castle


jade jicaine said...

so cute, kaso pwede ba kumuha ng ibang caterer?

mackyton said...

This is very useful information on this budget of birthday party. Last month, I arranged my cousin’s birthday dinner at one of amazing venues in NYC. Hired a reputed party caterer for this event who made excellent food. Every guest praised for food and all arrangements.

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