Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You for the Gifts - Khloe Reyes

I would like to thank all the guests for coming to Khloe's 1st Birthday Party. Though there's Typhoon Qier, floods and heavy traffic, you still celebrated with us. Your presence is too much as a gift but double thanks for the extra effort for bringing something for Khloe.
VTEC Bounce Time Turtle from Daddy and Kuya Kimi
Mossimo Blouse from Tita Olive
GAP Slippers from Quintans Family
Hello Kitty Bag from Tita Vane
Ginger Snaps Blouse from Sanchez Family
Food Processor and Silicone Bib from cousin Zowie
Toy Phone from Tita Laine
Barbie Terno from Tita Zeny and Tito Willie
Little Ones Dress from Tita Hya
Rustan's Dress and Leggings from Lola Wee and Lolo Doms
Winnie The Pooh Dress from Bernas Family
SM's Little Miss Dress from Tita Diane

Again....Big thanks to everyone!

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