Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crayzee Factory + Marquee Mall + Ikabu = Super Packed Sunday

Last Sunday was a super busy day (it was also the day of Pacquiao-Marquez Fight). First we dropped by Crayzee Factory located at Sucat Paranaque to purchase our dining chairs. Hubby discovered this factory store which offers imported furniture's at a very affordable price. Just like what their tag line says "Crayzee Sulit Talaga!".
Crayzee Factory Store at Sucat
#8422B Dr. A. Santos ave., Sucat, Paranaque
Tel. Nos: 468.0483 * 379.7570 * 541.0572 * 541.5721
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Inside Crayzee Factory Sales
Merchandise/Stuffs to see inside Crayzee Factory
Cheap Wall Paintings
Jars and Decors (Php 400-600)
Center Table
Red Dining Chair that we purchased. It will definitely fit my Red, White and Black Kitchen ...
so nice diba? diko favorite ang RED...hehehe
Discounted price from Php 2,580 to Php 1,699
"The looks and quality is almost close to the one we saw at Loft and Dimensione, but only half the price. Also available in White and Black"
The 2nd Dining Chair design that we purchased
Got it for Php 2,331 from its regular price of  Php 3,030
Also available in White and Black
Placemats for only Php 395/pack of 4's
"Almost the same thickness and style with the Placemats at Dimensione which costs Php 1,300+ each"
Cute Jars for only Php 582/pack of 4's
Storage/Organizer Essentials
Then we plan to go to Trinoma, again to canvass an L-type Sofa. But as we approach Trinoma, Kimi fell asleep and the Pacquiao-Morales Fight started. So instead of Trinoma...Hubby brought us to Marquee Mall Pampanga (Lapit diba?).  It's our 2nd time at Marquee Mall, and it's like Robinsons Ermita with lots of upscale boutiques. We thought we we're lucky to be there, because of the "Double Weekend Sale". But unfortunately its a disappointment, because we didnt find any good stuff at all...haist....

Then we had our super late lunch (about 3:00pm) at Ikabud
The Menu
Ikabud Pagaking Pinoy
Table Setup
 Our orders at Ikabud
Crab and Corn Soup (Php 100)
"Good for 4 persons but with a very cheap price. According to Hubby, one of the best soup he had ever tasted. I agree!" 
Pork Sisig
"of course i will not miss Pampanga's best Sisig"
For Hubby, Sizzling Porterhouse Steak
Our Ikabud experience was just okay...but it's really true...Pampanguenos are really great cooks.
 Then after eating we went back to Manila. On our way home we drop by Cash and Carry only to buy my sons request....a Hotdog...

Such an unproductive and tiring day...plus Pacquiao didn't have a convincing victory...
But still...a Big Congratulations to Manny for being one Filipino Pride!


Anonymous said...

When deciding and planning out your new kitchen it may be advantageous to try and fit a utility sink into the mix.

Gladys | WanderingTandem.com said...

a great shopping spree should always end with a treat of super good food :)

Yanna said...

Paranaque + Trinoma + Pampanga = one very tiring day! :) But as long as you have a car, and family's with you --- the day's never too tiring. :P

Me and my hubby should check out Crayzee Factory soon. :)

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