Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dayrits + Trinoma Furniture Hunting + Sizzling Pepper Steak = Productive Tuesday

Last Tuesday hubby asked me to take an office leave so that i can accompany him at Trinoma. We really need to buy a Sofa Set as soon as possible since our house is already 95% done. We've been to a lot of furniture stores and malls (even the ones at Pampanga) but we didn't find any sofa that fits our taste and the house modern design. Actually, I've seen Sofa's that i really love, like the ones at Decor and Nuevo Casa, but i find it too expensive (ranging from Php 80,000 to 100,000). I want something imported that meets my style but doesn't cost a lot.

Our first stop is at Dayrit's to have our lunch before going to Trinoma.
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Dayrit's House Blend Iced Tea
Hubby's Order: Mandarin Pork Spareribs (Php 205.00)
My Order: Dayrit's Jumbo Cheese Burger (Php 140.00)
Then after our yummy lunch at Dayrit's, we went to Alpha Land Magallanes to park the car, because we prefer to ride the MRT since it's the faster and more economical way of going to Trinoma.

Luckily, after all the tiring sofa hunting we had...we finally found the L -Type Sofa we're looking for at Trinoma Landmark Department Store. Plus...they're on 20% Off Sale!
Our final sofa choice...imported from Malaysia
Php 24,000 less 20% off...we got it only for Php 19,999.00
"The style and color passed our taste. It looks like it cost more than it's actual price"

Then after, we went back to Alpha Land to have dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak.

Sizzling Pepper Steak Menu
Sizzlin' Sauces
(Twist of Steak, Teriyaki Trippin, Hottie Tomato Streak, Ter-Mayo Duo,  Marinara Connection,  Gravy Kind of Love)
Turn . Pour . Mix
Table Setup and Condiments

Our Order
For Hubby: Oyako Pepper Rice (Php 220.00)
Pork BBQ Pepper Rice for me (Php 217.00)
It's my second time to try Sizzling Pepper Steak...(but it's one of hubby's favorite)
for me the food was just okay, since I'm really not into sizzling plates. I hate eating hot foods because i hate the feeling of having slight burnt tongue... plus i can't really taste the food. But in fairness the pork meat was tender and juicy plus the sauce was flavorful.

It was indeed a very productive and expensive Tuesday.
Hay...our budget is becoming thinner and thinner...
So... I'm apologizing in advance to my family, friends and godchildren...
because i don't think we have gift or cash to spare this coming Christmas Season..


Gladys | said...

yey! dayrit's! i love eating at dayrit's here in makati :)

Yanna said...

OMG, I hate that feeling too... I hate getting my tongue burnt --- the creepy feeling / sensation stays for days! :(

Love the pictures though. :) We're also on the lookout for furniture, as we're going to move into our own house soon.

Pepper Lunch Philippines said...

Pepper Lunch Express is now open in Trinoma! Sizzle with the Original from Japan at the 2nd floor Food Choices. Beef pepper rice at P145 - now how awesome is that!

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