Monday, November 21, 2011

Kimi's Artworks at Mulberry School

Every mom, for sure is very proud their kids works and accomplishments.
No matter how ugly or confusing it may will always be perfect from a mother's point of view.

Of course! i wouldn't miss bragging and blogging about my son's artwork. 
It maybe just simple and a bit mess up for you, but for me.. it's like a perfect and expensive work of art. 
Mulberry Toddlers Works
Kimi's Corner:  Paper Art
Apple Painting

I just hope Kimi will inherit my love of arts...
Good Job Kimi! Mommy and Daddy is so proud of you!


Joy said...

cute, that was already very good for a start :)

Gladys | said...

after a while, i placed all my son's artworks in plastic folders :)

Yanna said...

Awww, very cute.. :) Can't wait for my little boy to do artworks. I do hope he inherits his Daddy's art skills and not mine. :P

kay said...

those are not ugly at all ... frame them sis!

Mommy Tin said...

Looks like little kimi's following after mom's footsteps. :)

By the way sis, how's Mulberry School? I'm looking for a pre-school for my little girl. She'll be three by June next year and we're on the lookout for good schools in case she'll be ready by then. We're from Bacoor and malapit lang sa Las Pinas side. :)

Bernie Gonzales-Reyes said...

@Mommy Tin

Ok naman sa mulberry...toddlers are more on play and arts plus learning about basic colors, shapes and numbers...wala pa sila writing and reading.They also teach the child to be independent, eat on their own, change clothes and put some powder and cologne. Dami ring activities involving the parents to promote family bonding. So far so good.

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