Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recommended Paper Type for DIY Invitation Prints

Many moms is asking me what paper do i use in printing my DIY invitations, so now i'm sharing my secret...
The following are my favorite paper type and brand that i really love to use in all my crafts...
Orange Premium Wove Photo paper (Php188.00 per pack of 10's)
"My ultimate favorite...the print quality is superb and it has a wove classy texture"
CD-R King 240GSM High Glossy Photo Paper (Php125.00 per pack of 25's)
"If your in a budget, this photo paper brand will do. The only problem about that the print easily fades fades specially if your using a DYE type of Ink and when it's always exposed to light ."
CD-R King 135GSM Glossy Adhesive Photo Paper (Php100.00 per pack of 20's)
"Great for printing stickers"
Best Buy 140GSM Photo Quality Premium Matt Inkjet Paper (Php33.75 per pack of 10's)
"Another one of my favorite...i usually use this for printing my design samples and for my portfolio. Thinner than a photo paper but gives a super bright photo quality outcome"
My logo printed in different type and brand of photo paper
1st: Orange Premium Wove
2nd: CD-R King Glossy
3rd: Best Buy Matt Inkjet Paper
"you can't even tell the difference, because they all give bright quality results. The reason why i love them all"

Note: What is Paper GSM?
In the paper industry, the abbreviation 'GSM' refers to "grams per square meter". In other words, a square meter of a specific type of paper will weigh a certain number of grams. The designation tells paper consumers how dense the paper is, which generally indicates quality.'

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Mommy Tin said...

thanks for this post sis! :) I've recently taken a liking to paper crafts too, and been testing kung anong best kind of paper to use. Thanks for the recommendations, will buy some this weekend! :D

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