Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Getting Ready for the Big Change

We're planning to move in our new house by the end of November.
We're just waiting for the final installation of blinds and laminated the upholstery for the children's playroom...
Then...finally... welcome to our own home sweet home.

Here's another preview of our new Living, Dining and Kitchen Area plus hubby's costly (or should i say exaggerated...hehehe) Powder Room.
This Powder Room really cost hubby a lot..
aside from a toilet bowl it also has a bidet and urinal...which is not usual to classic Pinas houses.
Hubby wants to have a hotel like powder he really invested on it.
We're so excited for the big day! 
This time we'll definitely be on our own...
We have to start budgeting for utility bills, groceries, and other house expenses.
It will surely be a big adjustment and change for us.
But i know we can do long as we have our family's support
and of course as long as we're guided by God.

Thanks you so much God for this BIG Blessing!


Yanna said...

Wooow, I feel excited for you guys too. :)

jhessa said...

WOW!!! hehe

Gladys | said...

wow! congrats on your new house. i love the colors :)

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