Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All About Women Shoes

A pair of shoes not only can cause effects for most women, just like clothes, shoes also can help get attention from people around you. 

Here are the types of shoes:
The Pump
Shoes of this type, enclosed on all sides of the foot, sometimes there is also a use a rope on the wrist or the wrist and fingers, and use the right, making the term is often used for all types of shoes. But usually, the pump is equipped with the right stiletto.
The Peep-Toe and Open Toe
Peep-toe shoes have a small round hole that will show your toes, usually the thumb or middle finger which will only be visible. Different from the peep-toe, open toe type which usually has a larger hole and showed the entire user’s toes. To be able to wear these shoes, make sure your toes are manicured and clean. Slim legs will look very beautiful in these shoes. These shoes are suitable for parties, walks, or to the office, depending on the choice of the detail of the shoes worn.

The Platform Shoe
The term platform for the type of rights that is not used but for the soles. Platform shoes are shoes with thick soles in front of the shoe, usually combined with the right wedge (right thick), or stilettos. When combined with the right wedge, it can be called a platform wedge.
Usage simplify this type of shoe, because the user so it is not easy to accomplish, but still looks attractive and can appear taller. By using these shoes, you will look slimmer and certainly tall. This shoe is perfect paired with anything except a pair of cargo pants.

Because of the popularity, these sandals are made a variety of beautiful designs, so that previously could only be used on the beach, now you can wear it for everyday activities, not even a little Hollywood actress who makes the sandals as their favorite footwear. This type of sandals are not only flip-flops, gladiator who was ‘in’ in 2009 also includes sandals are very comfortable to use and suitable for walking. These sandals can be used with skinny jeans, casual skirts, and a funky mini dress.

The T-Bar Shoe
These shoes have straps that are in the middle of the ankle and toes form the letter T.

The Sling-Back
This type of shoe is a combination of molecular and pump. Closed on the front foot, but has straps that on the back foot.

Who does not know these shoes. Was popular a few years because the model is unique and suitable for use when spending time with friends. Knee-high boots are not only used to warm the body from cold weather, but can also be fashionable. Ensure the use of the boot is not only fashion but also as a tool in accordance with the initial function. For those of you who live in the tropics ankle boot into one good option. You can choose Menswear style (such as oxford) but has the right boot. You can also choose a combination of gladiator shoes and boots for a walk in the afternoon and match with shorts.

The Oxford
If you frequently see men work shoes, you often see the kind of oxford shoes. This type of shoe was developed to be used woman. Oxford will give the impression of masculine in women, but still look beautiful. The combination of oxford with skinny jeans, leggings, mid-Length skirts (knee-length skirt), or short skirts will create a different appearance, but still interesting.

The Ankle Strap Shoes
These types of shoes have one or two straps at the ankle that can be tightened. In addition to working to tighten the shoe, straps it also serves as a sweetener ankle. Shoes Ankle Strap is suitable for use by women with long legs and skinny. If you want to attend a party after work hours, not to worry, because the shoe is suitable to the office, and to spend the night while hanging out with business colleagues or friends after working all day.

Ballet Flat Shoes
If you include personally casual, simple, and prefer the comfort when using shoes, ballet flat shoes can be a fitting choice for you. This shoe is suitable for use with any type of clothing. Jeans, capri pants and other casual clothing is perfect combined with these shoes. These shoes are more widely used adolescent girls, but female executives like you can still stylish with it. Choose the ballet flats are embellished with beautiful gems or ribbon.

The Kitten Heel
This shoe has a shape similar to the French shoe heel, but as the name suggests, right on the shoe is very small and shaped like a bow. Typically, these shoes have a height less than 3 cm. These shoes are very pretty, feminine and as an alternative if you’re tired of using flat ballet shoes and want to use short-heeled shoes.

The Stiletto Heel
Stiletto is the term used for the right shoes with very thin. A very feminine shoe makes the wearer look slim. By wearing this type of shoe, you will look elegant and sexy. However, for some women, the use of stilettos that are too often will cause pain in the waist.

The Wedge Heel
Wedge can be a ‘friend’ is very fitting to be invited to hang out for a thick and flat right from the toe to the heel. Road by using the wedge is easier than using a stiletto. However, it gives the impression of a sleek wedge in the feet and the appropriate high without looking weird. You can combine it with Bohemian style, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, trousers with wide cut, jeans, skinny pants.

The Mary Jane
These types of shoes can be either flat or has the right. But certainly, these shoes have a strap below the ankle, and the rounded toe or a little box. This type of shoe looks very casual. Use it with leggings, skinny jeans, short skirts, will make the appearance look beautiful. However, do not use it with a harem, cargo pants, and straight-cut pants and wide.
The Mule
Mule or we call the slippers are very easy to use because it only covered the toes, not on the heel. Section on the toes can be entirely closed or can be open toe or peep hole shoe. This type of shoe can be customized in any situation. You can look casual by wearing slippers that are not too many details, or to form designs such as sneakers. You can even wear it on the party by selecting the stones adorned with jewels, or a glamorous color.

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Sandals and ballet flats = me.

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