Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New House Add-Ons: Ergo Floor Lamp + Bamboo Lights + Miura Hydroculture Plants

Last Sunday, 18th day of December 2011, We're supposed to go to BF Las Pinas to look for plants and landscape artist for our house. But instead, hubby drag me to Home Depot The Fort , even though i haven't taken a bath yet and just wearing old house clothes. I thought he was done buying lighting's for the house, but our Home Depot visit ended up with another set of lights purchased.
Ergo Floor Lamp (Php 6,000+)
Thailand House Decor Store at Home Depot The Fort
Bamboo Lights Accent from Thailand (Php 2,500 each)
Then with extra time left we went to SM MOA to look for little house stuff. 
But hubby ended up buying Hydroculture Plants from Miura.
This plants are great for those people who wants real plants inside their house less the maintenance.

Hydroculture (also known as passive hydroponics) is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. Developed in Europe 40 years ago, hydroculture uses water- absorbent pebbles called hydrocorns to support the plant and to supply water or nutrient solution to its roots. In the absence of soil, this system provides a very clean, pest-free and allergy-safe approach to growing INDOOR plants as they add beauty and give life to the environment by purifying the air in the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and comfort rooms of houses and condominium units, as well as in offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other public places.
Hubby with our Miura Plants
Miura SM MOA,  2nd Level Near Science Discovery Center
Other Outlets:
SM North Edsa - Annex (3rd flr) 
SM Megamall (Bldg.A 4th flr., near Saisaki Restaurant) 
SM Megamall (Bldg.A Basement, near Mann Hann Restaurant) 
SM Manila (2nd level)
MarketMarket (Ground flr, near Information Counter)
Robinsons Department Store - Galleria 
Robinsons Department Store - Ermita
Robinsons Department Store - Festival
Alabang Town Center - Bufini Magazines Store 
Shopwise - Libis (C5 Eastwood)
Shopwise- Cubao
For the Kitchen: schefflera trinette (Php300)
For the Dining Area: pachira aquatica (Php1,200)
For the Stairs: sanseveria bacularis (Php1,200)
For the Powder Room: haworthia fasciata (Php300)
Advantages of Hydroculture Plants:
1. It is Cleaner - No Soil, No Dirt, No Mess. As soil is not used, a clean, hygienic and odorless environment is attained.
2. It is Safer - No Pests, No Diseases, No Allergies. Exposure to soil-related pests and diseases is completely eliminated.
3. It requires Less Maintenance & Less Care. Watering is less frequent, making plant care simple and easy. The pebbles are very porous and they retain enough water for the roots for a few days even if the outer pot dries up..
4. It reduces Air Pollutants - Hydroculture plants clean the air by absorbing interior air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzol, phenol and nicotene that are released by paints, wax and other building materials.
5. It produces Healthier Plants - Hydroculture provides the best setting for healthy growth, making the plants stronger than soil-based plants.                                                                                         

Care Tips
1. Add water up to 1/2 of the drain openings (lateral slots) of the inner pot. 
2. DO NOT OVERWATER, otherwise the roots will rot and the plant will start to weaken. 
3. Wait till the outer pot is almost dry before adding water again. The pores of the pebbles have enough water to provide for the needs of the roots for a few days. 
4. Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight. Do not keep it in dark places either. Bright indirect sunlight is best for the plant.
5. Remove any yellowing leaves. 
6. Wash the outer pot twice a month. If needed, the hydrocorns can be washed too. 
7. The use of fertilizer is not recommended, unless it is very necessary.                                                                                                                                                   

Well that was one busy and expensive Sunday...

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