Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cousin Ers and Jen Wedding

Last Saturday, 10th day of December 2011, was cousin Ers and Jen's Wedding Day.

Photos of the Day
Idol and Kimi getting ready for the event.
The Church:  San Agustin, Intramuros
Daddy and Mommy with their two "makulit" grandsons
Cousins and Partners in Crime: Aaron and Kimi
Kimi was the AUD Con Bearer
Kimi seriously walking in the aisle
Me (wearing the stripe dress) having a part in the offering
Hugging my cute Master Kimi
Another big hug for Kimi...awe...loving it..!
Family Shot
"Khloe is sick... so we just left her at home with Yaya Isay"
Kimi with Pretty Auntie Butch
The Reception: Castellan, Intramuros
Table Centerpiece
Hungry Kimi
just wanna show my first ever painted finger nails...
Super cute cake of the couple...a big airplane on top of two laptops on a big bed
Weddings really makes me cry, because i know it's one of the most dreamt, most precious and well kept memories of every woman. At the same time...i honestly feel envious, because it's also my dream to walk in the aisle wearing a beautiful RED wedding gown. But as of the moment, we have more things to prioritize. On the other hand i feel blessed and happy because i have a very loving hubby, cute and healthy kids, a new dream house...what more could i ask for (aside for my dream wedding..hahaha)...anyway....

Congrats and Best Wishes ErsJen Reyes!

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