Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bro Bry 25th Birthday

Yesterday, 13th day of December 2011, was my youngest brother's 25th birthday. His first plan is to have the family celebration in Tagaytay...but sadly we couldn't come because of my sick daughter. So he just change the plan and just decided to celebrate his 25th birthday at our new house with his buddy nephew Kimi.

The Birthday Boy
Brianper C. Gonzales aka Booper

The Foods

Fish Fillet, Carbonara, Lechon Paksiw, Beef Caldereta and Buko Salad
All cooked and prepared by Mama
Other Photos of the Day
Me and Papa
Bro Nino and Bry with Tabanchie Kimi at the Playroom
My Loving Family
Nino, Papa, Mama, Me and Bry
(missing our eldest sister Sha who works in Dubai)
Wacky Family
of course a shot with the best Mother in the u so much Ma
Our little favorite...Tabanchie Kimi
Another great and wonderful celebration with the family. 
I just love them all so much!
Happy Birthday Bro Bry...

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