Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mulberry Christmas Party and Family Day

Last Saturday, 17th day of December 2011, we attended the Mulberry Preparatory School Christmas celebration and Family Day. The toddlers act as angel carolers in the presentation, which includes my son Kimi.

Photos of the Day
Me with my adorable son
The two handsomest men in my life...
Kimi with his secret girlfriend, Sophia...hehehe
Kimi with his classmate Olsen
The Student Christmas Presentation
My Angel
The Angel Carolers
Kimi singing his lungs out...
The Cute Mulberry Students
My son wining a price in the raffle
Unfortunately, the family games was cancelled due to unpredictable shower rains. 
But at least the kids really had fun and my son experienced his 1st Christmas Party at School.

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