Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guilty Shopping Pleasures: 22BC Dress + Gibi Stiletto

We'll be having our Company Christmas Party next week, 28th day of December 2011. Our theme will be "Glam" or "Awards Night", which requires a formal cocktail attire. It will be my 1st time to wear a cocktail dress and i do feel excited about it. As early as last week I've been hunting for a cute dress and shoes. For the dress i wanted something which is not too revealing and on the wholesome side. I wanted a color which is not usual but not too bright. For the shoes, it's my dream to wear a Stiletto...i want it to be red or white. I wanna experience and know how it feels to wear towering high shoes. 

Here's what i found and bought...

22BC Dress (Php1,800)
"It was love at first sight...When i saw this dress i actually didn't think twice. I immediately bought it. I love the style, color, texture and the fabric used. Classy and very ME. (but i hope they'll come up with a red or white version)"
Actual Photo of my 22BC Dress
Uplose photo of the dress color
GIBI Red Stiletto (Php2,299)
"I've been scanning Malls for nice red or white stiletto. I wanted the open toe ones, because it is much comfortable to wear and it will make my thighs and calves appear slimmer. I've found a lot of cute shoes, unfortunately they only carry sizes 6 and up and I'm size 5. After 2 confusing hours, i finally decided to go with  the GIBI Red Stiletto. My budget for the shoes was only Php1,000-1,500 as max, but i ended up buying a bit expensive one. To lessen the guilt, I'll just make the shoes a Christmas Present for myself. The Red Gibi Stiletto has a suede texture, has a soft sole and very comfortable to wear. Finally i had a Stiletto on my shoe line, it's time to face the "Tiis-Ganda" experience."

Well i just hope the dress and the shoe will fit me well.


Anonymous said...

OMG. You are so lucky you could stand on those stilettos. If it were me, I'd fall flat on my butt. Hahaha. :D

jhessa said...

nice shoes ma'am bernie,, so excited to see you wearing that,, i guess you'll look so stunning.. :D

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