Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cuevas New Year Get Together

My Tita (Mother Side) placed a reservation a few months ago at Luck Garden Seafood Restaurant, Quezon City. She organized a new year get together for the Cuevas Clan. We haven't done this for a long time, i guess more than a decade, considering we're just a small family (we only have 5 cousins on my Mother Side and only 2 aunts). I'm glad we had the opportunity to bond once again.

Cuevas Clan Serious Pose
Cuevas Clan Wacky Pose
Luck Garden Food
Sweet and Sour Crispy Lapu-Lapu
"Super yummy..! a must try"
Yang Chao Fried Rice
Luck Garden Noodles
Fried Chicken
Green Soup
Photos of the Day
From Eldest to Youngest
Dennis Lardizabal * Chie Valderrama * Sha Cenedoza * Tin Garcia * Bernie Reyes * Precious Lardizabal * Christian Gonzales * Jason Valderrama (not in the photo) * Brinper Gonzales
Cuevas Cousin's Wacky Shots 
Lola Nida with Khloe
Khloe with Yaya Carmen
Khloe with Lolo Perry
Kimi with Tita Sha (My eldest sister)
Khloe singing with Daddy
Kimi loving Tita Chie's Gift
Khloe and Kimi falling inline for the cash gift from Lola Achu
Cuevas 2nd Cousin's
The Eldest of the Cuevas Cousin's, Kuya Dennie with Wife Mariele
Cousin Chie with Marlon and Son Kyle
Cousin Tin with Loi and Daughter Gabie
Sis with Ed and Cutie Craige
Bro Nino with Wife Diane
The Sponsor: Tita Achu and Tito Lito (Mama's Youngest Sibling)
Mama and Papa
"Through Thick and Thin..hahaha"
Sisters: Mama and Tita Achu
Last Shot: Me with my precious little girl, Khloe
More Photos of the Cuevas Get Together Here

Happy to see you all again.
Hope we can do this every year.
We Love You all, Cuevas Clan!

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