Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My BFF's Sleepover

Since my BFF's wasn't able to join us during the House Blessing, we then planned to have a Barkada-Inuman-Kwentuhan-Sleepover at our new house. We've been together for more than a decade and I'm happy because our friendship never fades and even becomes more stronger. They are the only set of friends I have and I'm blessed and proud to have them in my life. Even when we're still in college we just love a "House Sleepover". This time it's much happier because we have a new private hangout place.

Photos of the Day
My BFF's
Left to Right: Hubby&Me. Raul&Sha. Araw. Candy. Ron. Jhing&Joel
The Boys with JW Double Black
My BFF's
Tin. Araw. Ron. Sha. Me. Candy. Jhing
"Finally!! we're complete"
My Favorite Photo with my BFF's
The Boys
Kuya Raul: Knocked out by JW Double Black
The Ladies Drink
with my friends at the Terrace
The Food
The Best Dried Adobo by Mama
Yummy Leche Flan by Kuya Raul
Spaghetti Sauce by Me, Sha and Candy
Breakfast prepared by Me and Tin
Gift for Kimi and Khloe from their Ninang's
More photos of my BFF's Sleepover here

It was indeed a very fun bonding and sleepover with my BFF's.
Really hope we could do it more often.

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