Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reyes Cousins Drinking Session

Before the year ends, Hubby's cousins organized another get together and drinking session. Honestly, I'm not into beer or alcoholic drinks. I hate its fowl smell and bitter taste. But due to "public demand" (Reyes Cousin's), i just couldn't say "NO" and ended up having 5 shots of Jose Cuervo Tequila. It's my first time to got drunk. It's funny, because i cant control myself and started to laugh and cry at the same time while munching non-stop on the poor Andok's Manok.

The Potluck Food
Bake Macaroni
Alcoholic Drinks Lineup plus a Johnny Walker Double Black
Photos of the Night
Reyes Cousins at the Old House Parking Space
My son Kimi covering his ears because he's afraid of the fire crackers
Kimi with Tito Dennis
Kimi with Tito Don
Hubby's Pretty Cousins: Chai and Tanegs
My First Drunk Night
After the 5th shot of Tequila:
Laughing and Crying Time 
Munching on the Poor Andok's Manok
Finally! Pass Out!
More photos of our Drinking Session Here

But after 2 hours of sleep...I'm back on my feet again and continued to party with the Reyes Cousins.
It was indeed a really fun night!

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