Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PGIC 2011 Christmas Party

Last Wednesday, 28th day of December 2011, we had our company's Christmas Party. Our theme was Awards Night and everyone was required to come in Cocktail attire. I'm not into formal clothes, i didn't even join our high school prom nor celebrated my 18th birthday because i don't like wearing "so-lady-like-dress". But this night was different, i just want to be a real lady this time. 
PGIC Awards Night Back Draft that i designed.
My Solo Photos of the Night
wearing the cocktail dress i bought from 22BC
"gosh..i still look fat...diet again starting 2012!"
taking a shot of my killer red shoes
me, joining and posing for one of the games
Photos with my office mates
with Ate Weng and Ate Glenda
with Retzer and My Boss
with Edison as my partner in the "Putukan Game"
The Putukan Game
Mechanics: the guy must pop the balloon he's holding in front of him at the butt of his lady partner 
with the Man of the Night, Arnie
with our Admin Head, Awesome Mam She
with my escort Ian
"we won the "Leader of Lodging Award" or best pose ever, Pak Award"
Our tumbler award plus cash
The Food
Conti's Baked Salmon
Norwegian pink salmon with signature toppings, with buttered vegetables
"super love this dish, the fish was cooked perfectly and the topping compliments the fish very well"
Beef Salpicao
Beef tenderloin in garlic sauce
Linguine in Pesto Sauce
Rich green basil sauce served on delicious linguine.
Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce
Conti's Mango Tart
Guest Performer
The Go Girls Dancers
The Go Girls Dance Performance Videos

 My Webcam Shots (just lovin' the makeup)

As one of the committee, I'm glad and proud that the event was a success.
The food was great, the games where fun and the guest performers are so freakin' HOT!

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