Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Umbra @ Dimensione

Last December, during our house stuff and gift hunting...Hubby just got fixed to Dimensione. He just love the modern and cute things found inside the store, most specially Umbra Products. He doesn't want to waste time going from one store to another, plus the people are really piling up making the mall and other boutiques so crowded. So he just stick to his 1st option, which is... buying all the gifts for his staff, friends and family at  Dimensione

Here are some of the cute products he bought for personal use:
Umbra Wine Rack (Php2,000+)
Umbra Cubby Organizer: For the remote control and car keys (Php2,000)
Umbra Venue Jewelry Storage (Php1,200)
"Hubby and my kids Christmas Gift to me. I So love it!"
Meidi Wall Clock:  for the Playroom (Php700)
Thanks again for the gift Idol!

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