Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Home Sis

One of my most awaited event for 2012 is my eldest sister and her family's one month vacation her in Pinas. I just miss my super cute and smart nephew, Craigee. It's also the part of the year where i see my parents the happiest, since it is also the only time that our family is complete. If i were to ask..i really wanted them just to stay and live here, but my sister and brother-in-law was really blessed with a good paying job in Dubai which they can't just really leave.
Photos of the Day
Me with Kimi and my "Santino" look alike nephew, Craige
They missed each other so much
Craige and Kimi busy with their Lola's ITouch
My super cute nephew, Craige
Our Pasalubong from The Cenedoza's
Luckily my sister works in Chalhoub Group Dubai, leading distributor of Luxury Brands in the Middle East. The reason why we have great "pasalubongs" every year.
For Hubby

Lacoste Sports Navigator 2010506
Our (Me and my Kids) Christmas Gift for Hubby
Cerruti 1881 Leather Wallet
Tumi 60GB Data Vault with Leather Case
For Me and Khloe
DKNY Be Delicious Perfume Collection
Benefit Posie Tint and Benefit Finding Mr. Bright
Additional Swarovski Collection
"This is my favorite!..Thanks So Much Sis!!!
Philips and Swarovski Active Crystal USB Memory Key

Welcome home Sis and Thanks so much for all the gifts.
Looking forward for our sister bonding...
can't wait for our Divi shopping and Rebonding.

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