Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Busy Saturday

Last Saturday (24th of March 2012) was another busy weekend for me. I need to finish my invites order before holy week so that i can really have a worry free relaxing vacation. Again..I started the day with my crafting tools. Since i still don't have a laser cutting plotter...i need to carefully and patiently cut everything by hand. Cutting really plays a big part on my crafting addiction. 
Last week i use our Guest Room as my work area...for this week I'll be using our Dining Table
Minnie Mouse, Blue and Brown DS and Angry Birds Invites Orders
Fish Fillet
"Good thing i have a kind and wonderful yaya who treats us like her own family. She's also a great cook. I gained a lot of weight since we transferred to our new house, I can't really resist all her specialty and yummy dishes."
And since it's's time to bond with my two adorable kiddos.

Who can resist this wonderful smiles...such a heart melting and energy booster sight!

Well that was my busy but fun Saturday...
Nothing beats a day with my little munchkins!

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I.wright... said...

ang galing mo talaga sis!

-- SP Mommyangel/Irene --

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