Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday Family Day @ MOA + F1 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

It's Sunday again...Family Bonding Day.
We had our weekend stroll in the morning at MOA .
We definitely need to be home before 3pm to watch the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix.
Included in our agenda is Kimi's haircut with his Barber Gio of Cuts4Tots.
Kimi with Daddy, enjoying a plane ride while waiting for his turn at Cuts4Tots.
Khloe with Mommy, enjoying a car ride while waiting for his brother at Cuts4Tots.
Kimi with Barber Gio.
Khloe with Daddy, giving mommy a great pose.
It was a great day indeed...
but with Fernando Alonso winning the Malaysian Grand Prix... it made our day the greatest!
F. Alonso: Congratz! great race!
S. Perez: Good Job! Welcome to the podium!
L. Hamilton: I'm not a fan so...never mind.

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