Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Saturday

Last Saturday (10th of March 2012), was indeed a very busy day. I have lots of invites deadline to beat for the coming week. I started the day with my crafting tools...i personally hand cut 65 pieces of 6 petals flower for my invitation project.
I used our guest room as my temporary working area for my projects
My improvised ribbon holder...made of used fax paper tube and old cardboard cut into circles...
6 petaled flowers that i personally hand cut.
2nd step: sticking the flowers on the stick...
3rd step: sticking ribbons and embellishments
6 Petal Flower Final Outcome

6 Petal Flower with blue ribbon and blue baby lion
6 Petal Flower with blue ribbon and blue pearl
6 Petal Flower with blue ribbon and star
6 Petal Flower with brown ribbon and blue button
packed and ready for delivery
Thank God i was able to finish 65 pieces of invites in one day.
The busier the better...because it definitely means extra income.
I need to save in order to buy a laser cutting plotter to make my craft easier.
Now it's time to work on another project...

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